Stockrize Venture Fund (SVX)

Investing in innovation from early stage through mega cap

The Stockrize Venture Fund seeks to democratize venture capital, offering all investors access to what we believe are the most innovative companies throughout their private and public market lifecycles.

Stockrize Venture Philosophy

After years in the public equity markets, ARK is excited to leverage its differentiated research on disruptive innovation in the private markets.

Eligible For All U.S. Investors

We aim to provide all investors, accredited and non-accredited, access to a traditionally exclusive, private asset class with as little as $500.

Cost-Effective Alternative

We believe our single 20% management fee is more cost-effective than a traditional ”25 and 30” fee structure (25% management fee, 30% carried interest).

Liquidity For An Illiquid Asset Class

Unlike traditional VC funds which lock capital up for years, Stockrize evergreen public-private crossover fund offers clients partial liquidity through quarterly redemptions.

How to Invest


All U.S. self-directed investors can register into the Titan dashboard and, with as little as $500, invest in a portfolio of private and public companies through the Stockrize Fund. Titan also provides clients with the ability to invest in both a Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Registered investment advisors, family offices, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors who clear or custody at Pershing and Hilltop have access to the Stockrize Venture Fund. Access to the Stockrize Venture Fund may also be available through other distribution channels. Please email for more information.

Learn Together. Invest Together.

As an investor in the Stockrize Venture Fund, you have access to regular video, written, and audio updates directly from the Stockrize team. We research the cutting-edge technologies shaping our world and invest your capital in the companies we believe will be industry leaders.

Stockrize Venture Fund Portfolio Holdings

As an evergreen public-private crossover fund, the Stockrize Venture Fund can hold shares of companies throughout their private and public market lifecycles, from early stage to mega cap.

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